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The Dudes - Blood Guts Bruises Cuts (2009)

The Dudes - Blood Guts Bruises Cuts (2009)Категория: Альбом
Исполнитель: The Dudes
Название диска: Blood Guts Bruises Cuts
Жанр: Alternative / Indie Rock
Год выпуска: 2009
Количество треков: 14
Время звучания: 00:49:13
Формат|Качество: mp3/320кбит/с
Размер файла: 72.6 Мб
Количество партов: 1

Залито на: DepositFiles. LetitBit.net

01. Honest Mistake
02. Girl Police
03. Ghosts We're Buried On
04. Pretty Lies
05. Terrified
06. Mr Someone Else
07. Turning All Red
08. Small Mercies
09. Connected
10. Ever Been To Taiwan?
11. Had Enough Of It
12. Not S'pose To Call
13. Find Out
14. Bonus

Не совсем инди но круто, какая-то смесь ливинг энд и джека джонсона

The dudes are legit. They make rock songs that come from the most closely guarded vaults of the emotional banks. They sing about the triumph of good over no good. They trumpet the march of the working class lady. They tell stories of love gained and lost, knife fights, cops and kindness. The dudes want you to see them play live. They would like you to laugh and dance. After the show, they want to give you a high five. Scott will teach you a special handshake. Bob will ask you for your phone number. They used to have a brown van that took them across canada thrice. Now its paid the price. She's sitting along the highway at a petrocan in winnipeg and the last they checked, the doors were still unlocked. You know, if you want to go sit in it or something. Soon they will come to your town in a blue van. Will you be there? Maybe sleep on your floor? "I'm Wednesdays foster son..."




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