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VA - Invisible Connections

VA - Invisible Connections

Категория: Сборник
Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Invisible Connections
Жанр: Psychedelic
Год Выпуска: 2006
Количество треков: 09
Время звучания: 66:39 мин
Формат|Качество: VBR|~320
Размер файла: 94,7 мб 3% для восстановления = 97.8 мб
Количество партов: 1
Залито на: RapidShare

О Диске: A fresh blend enters the Psyscene with its amazing compilation Invisible Connections. Groove Criminals debut release forces to dance, to dream and to spin up at any party where it is played. The average BPM range on this CD is 145 but the flow trough the whole CD is very pleasant and some tracks don’t feel like 145 at all. On this CD you will hear clear and clean Psytrance for any moment of a party, that makes this CD a must for any DJ who is looking for diferent feelings within the Psytrance genre. The CD was mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios in Germany where other acts and labels are going for mastering purposes.

01. Freakulizer - Use Our Mind 07:16
02. Kajola - Logic 07:26
03. Broken Toy - Namibian Sky 06:34
04. Paradox - Up To the Night 07:47
05. Aphid Moon - Another Planet 06:57
06. Snikers - 1997 06:52
07. Ibojima - Mind Control 07:35
08. Boofcontrol - Atem De Tera Gaia 08:22
09. Grooving Mad Dogs (Aka Dark Soho) - Marsh 07:50


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