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John Parr – Letter to America (2011)

John Parr – Letter to America (2011)Категория: Альбом
Исполнитель: John Parr
Название диска: Letter to America
Жанр: Rock, Singer-Songwriter
Год выпуска: July 4, 2011
Количество треков: 2CD (16+13)
Время звучания: 135:56 Min
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 262 kbps avg
Размер файла: 264 Mb
Количество партов: 1

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CD 1 (Rock Album)
1. Come Out Fighting
2. Somebody Stole My Thunder
3. Time
4. Man with a Vision
5. Dirty Lovin’
6. Secrets
7. Two Hearts
8. The Natural Thing
9. Restless Heart
10. World Keep Turnin’
11. Naughty Naughty
12. Steal You Away
13. It’s Startin’ All Over Again
14. Love in a Layby
15. Under a Raging Moon
16. St Elmo’s Fire

CD 2 (Acoustic Album)
1. Dream On
2. The Best
3. Naughty Naughty
4. Bedsit Paradise
5. The Minute I Saw You
6. Comin’ Home
7. Practice
8. Firework
9. At the Cathedral
10. Oh Well
11. St Elmo’s Fire
12. Letter to America
13. Ghost Driver

Rock singer/guitarist John Parr can’t exactly be declared as a one-hit wonder, since he scored two hit singles, but he seems to have been all but forgotten over time. Parr’s self-titled 1984 debut spawned a modest hit with “Naughty Naughty,” a track that possessed a rock edge but managed to be melodic at the same time. But Parr’s biggest hit was just around the corner — “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion),” the theme song from the 1985 movie St. Elmo’s Fire (which starred such ’80s heartthrobs as Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez).
Letter to America is a lifetime inspired 2-disc collection which includes one disc of John performing his old and new hits with his band, as well as one disc of acoustic tracks.






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